Blackboard Official Announcements

On March 26th, Blackboard made four simultaneous announcements through press release. They also released two additional press releases based on these four announcements.

Blackboard / Moodlerooms / NetSpot / Moodle / Severance Key Blogs and Interviews

Subsequently, several of the key players in the Blackboard announcements made statements through their own blogs or through media interviews.

Blackboard Competitors

Most of Blackboard’s LMS competitors (direct and indirect) have made public statements via blog post.

  • Adrenna Academic – No public statement, but in the midst of releasing a new open source LMS based on the Drupal Community.
  • Desire2Learn Blog 3/28 “A View on Recent Industry Activity” – Jeremy Auger, CTO and executive vice president, describes how the news is business as usual for Desire2Learn, “we’ve seen this before – a few times, actually.”
  • Pearson eCollege (LearningStudio and OpenClass) decline to make public statements.
  • Instructure Blog 3/27 “Blackboard Calls It Quits” – Josh Coates, CEO, makes a strong statement that Blackboard is out of the LMS business and provides a very skeptical view of Blackboard’s future support for open source and ANGEL.
  • Coursekit Blog 3/27 “A word on Blackboard” – Joseph Cohen, CEO, makes a short statement about the legacy LMS market consolidation and products remaining lousy; real innovation will happen outside LMS industry.
  • LoudCloud Systems Blog 4/4 “Statement by CEO Manoj Kutty on Recent Acquisition of MoodleRooms by Blackboard” – While wishing the combination well, Manoj Kutty doubts whether the alliance will help teaching and learning.
  • Remote Learner Blog 3/27 “Remote-Learner Responds to Blackboard’s Acquisition of Moodlerooms and NetSpot” – Jason Cole, CEO, reiterated their continued support of Moodle and independence, stated that “they [Blackboard] have a lot to prove”, and questioned whether Blackboard can support such a vast product line.
  • rSmart Blog 4/6 “The key is community: Why Blackboard’s changing strategy won’t change the landscape… much” – Chris Coppola, CEO, describes Blackboard’s core business and basis of relationship with customers remains LMS; this move is about market share acquisition. They to open source is community, not just the open license.