Drupal LMS to replace Moodle – Sakai – Instructure –  Blackboard

Drupal LMS to replace Moodle – Sakai – Instructure – Blackboard

A Georgia-based company today announced at Educause 2012 the availability of an enterprise extensible LMS built fully on Drupal technology. The company expects to take Moodle, Instructure and Blackboard head on by leveraging one of the world’s largest open source communities to deploy an enterprise open source learning management system.

“By leveraging Drupal as an architecture we have built a product that meets and far exceeds the needs of today’s academic institutions”, said Adam Smith, head of product management at Adrenna. “Our analytics engine, social communications and notifications engine, and our soon to be released rules engine for user points, credentialing and badging are driving significant interest from academic institutions”.

Yes we have discussions, announcements, blogs, file and folder sharing, video and image galleries, members, links, polls, glossary, integration with facebook, twitter, SMS messaging, integrated notification, a robust content authoring  area, quiz and gradebook engine, authentication integration and integration into the SIS, everything you would expect from today’s learning management systems. But its the new engines for user points, credentialing and badging, as well as the built in media support for PBS, TeacherTube, NPR that’s getting all the attention.

This new Drupal learning management system for education (K12 and Higher Ed) is called Adrenna Academic.

“We chose Drupal and its “plug-and-play-module” architecture as a core for Adrenna Academic because it represents the type of configurable environment that today’s academic institutions need to be keep pace”, said Adrenna’s head of Business Development, “In fact that is why our focus is solely on ‘Innovation in Configuration.”, “We are fully committed to leveraging one of the fastest growing Open Source content management systems in Education (Drupal) to replace existing learning management systems”

Contact Adrenna to schedule a demo.

In addition, the Drupal community has much to offer in supporting continued innovation and advances in educational technology, including:

  • The Drupal community is over 648,000 user accounts and over 10,000 developer accounts
  • Drupal supports 55 languages and English (the default). Support is also included for right-to-left languages (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew)
  • Regular Drupal meetups occur across the world
  • The Drupal website lists over 11,000 free modules
  • The community of developers is strong and engaged
  • Hundreds of colleges and universities around the globe are currently operating scalable based Drupal sites
  • The Department of Education and the White House use Drupal
  • Some of the world’s easiest and most fun-to-use websites are built on this flexible, powerful and scalable technology

Adrenna has targeted the 1st quarter of 2013 to make  a community build of its Drupal learning management system software available publicly.

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