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Blackboard Announces Development of IMS-based Course Delivery Tools

4/29/1998 , Washington, D.C. – Blackboard Inc. today announced a major internal development effort to launch a full line of software products that will help university faculty deliver courses over the World Wide Web. The products are based on CourseInfo, a leading web-based course management system, and will utilize technologies developed by Blackboard on behalf …

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Blackboard History – IMS and CourseInfo

“Blackboard’s upcoming merger with CourseInfo gives us a fantastic opportunity to provide higher education with a web-based course management system that leverages our work with the Educom Instructional Management Systems project” said Blackboard Chairman and CEO Matthew Pittinsky. “As the primary technical contractor to IMS, Blackboard has long been a supporter of open standards for Internet-based education. All Blackboard products will be based on IMS in the short term and fully IMS compliant as the standard evolves.”

Blackboard Merges with Ithaca Based CourseInfo

April 29th, 1998
Recent CourseInfo clients also include the Ithaca Unified School District and University of Pittsburgh, according to Daniel Cane and Stephen Gilfus who will also be joining Blackboard’s Board of Directors and Management Team pending the successful completion of a Blackboard/CourseInfo merger.

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