Blackboard Announces Blackboard “Building Blocks”

November 3rd, 2000 Read the white Paper written by company co-founders Stephen Gilfus and Matthew Pittinsky. B2 is Blackboard’s roadmap for achieving an e-Learning platform whose ultimate value is not only in the learning tools it provides, such as discussion boards and quiz generators, but also in bringing to market a widely-supported technology foundation for assembling the best Blackboard-enabled tools and content by or for a particular instructor at a particular institution.

BBBB: Summary for Blackboard Inc.

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Pearson and Blackboard Collaborate on Customized Software Platform for Publisher’s

June 31st, 2000 Peter Jovanovich, Chief Executive of Pearson Education, said, “Our goal is to respond to the rapidly growing but highly individualized online learning needs of the education community, and to make our company the leading global distributor of Internet-delivered educational content and services."

Course Management Software Multidisciplinary Applications of CourseInfo to Motivate Students in Traditional Course Settings

Authors: Ellen R. Cohn, University of Pittsburgh. Gary P. Stoehr,…