WordPress a Better LMS

By Prof. Hacker [This is a guest post by David Parry,…

Enterprise Education Platform: Webinar

Join Datatel Chief Client Officer Liz Murphy on Tuesday, May 18 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm (EST) for an engaging discussion about the future of higher education’s technologies -- The Enterprise Education Platform. By merging administrative and academic systems, you can decrease the redundancy of data, eliminate unnecessary technology expenditures, and see a unique view of a student’s complete educational experience from recruitment to endowment.

Stephen Gilfus Provides Recommendation To Reach Out To As Many Places As Possible To Gather Brand Awareness

Think about what your business is today. Write down your top 10 keywords that you think define who you are. Go in all the different search engines. Put it in and see what comes up. Go in yahoo groups and see what comes up; and then, just join whatever you can and in a crazy, very extrovert - thankfully, it's the internet so we can be introverts and do this; just start talking and putting in and building a presence; because, as people enjoy what you're talking about within those communities they will, in many cases, be curious and follow you to the mothership if you will. You need to reach out. You need to put tentacles out, because there is no way -- otherwise, the mothership stands alone without a sign. And if you're just a website on the internet, then that's it. You don't exist, yeah.

Education Dashboards and Academic Anlaytics are becoming essential in Higher Education

Why Education Dashboards are becoming essential in Higher Education Most…