Presidents and Chancellors of 10 colleges or state university system – Summoned to the White House

College tuition prices appear to be an overarching concern: “The cost of college has nearly tripled over the past three decades, forcing students to take out more loans and rack up more debt in pursuit of the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a twenty-first century economy,” Melody Barnes, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, wrote in the invitation to the event. But only one president comes from an expensive private institution, indicating that the president is not focusing on the nation's the priciest colleges in what has been described as a roundtable discussion.

Virtual schools are multiplying, but some question their educational value

By Lyndsey Layton and Emma Brown, Published: November 26, 2011 A…

Dawn of the ‘dot EDU era’

“I sincerely believe that we have now entered the dawn of ‘dot edu’ era which will stimulate and transform students, instructors, institutions and the global economy to reach new horizons.”, “For the first time academic institutions are takeing precise control of their web presence and student experiences as online competitiveness increases.”

Google Says Pearson’s New Learning System Is ‘Not a Shared Product’

By Jeffrey R. Young - October 20, 2011 Chronicle of Higher…

Gilfus Education Group Predicts Top Five Education Innovation Trends for 2011 and 2012

the Gilfus Education Group announced its annual education predictions today, foreshadowing emerging concepts for encompassing information technology and digital content throughout academic and administrative education applications. As an independent education consulting organization based in Washington, DC the Gilfus Education Group predicts the following top five trends in education innovation for 2011-2012