Analytics Dashboards

Analytics dashboards provide access to meaningful real time correlations so management within learning organizations instructors and learners can gain valuable up to date insight on organization, teacher, student and content performance.


Analytics Dashboards can provide insights into the following questions:

  • Learning Inventory (Courses, Organizations)
  • Content Activity and Usage
  • Learner Activity and Behavior
  • Defining Quality
  • Learner Success and Outcomes
  • Learner Best Practices and Best Behaviors
  • Retention and Leading Indicators
  • Time Logged In and Time on Task
  • Use of Collaboration and Learner Collaboration
  • Grade and Learner Tracking Usage
  • Instructor and Learner Profiles

Early Warning and Retention

Effective Academic Analytics strategies provide insights to students through individualized and personalized dashboards that allow them to measure where they are against their peers on an ongoing basis.