Improve Blackboard Intelligence, Education Analytics and Learner Success.

Many companies talk about moving data to information. At the Gilfus Education Group we believe that a new day is dawning. A shift from the “Information Age” to the “Age of Intelligence”. Where individual stakeholders and constituents not only get the information they need, but they obtain it in an intelligent way. In this regard the Gilfus Education Group implements intelligent planning, management and measurement methodologies, empowering individual decision makers and facilitating the growth of a high performance organization. Information is power, Intelligence is empowering.

Blackboard LMS Education Analytics and Reporting

Get the most out of your Blackboard course management system. the Gilfus Education Group provides consultative services and out of the box technology to get the most out of your course management or learning management system. For Blackboard LMS and Analytics, Moodle Analytics, eColllege Analytics, Desire2Learn Analytics and more.

Using Blackboard LMS Education Analytics you can determine:

  • The efficacy of your Blackboard LMS.
  • For Academic Analytics
  • Course profiles and overall all course usage and activity.
  • Student profiling and performance.
  • Instructor profiling and course quality.
  • Which courses, students and instructors are the most active through eLearning Intelligence.
  • How often various tools be used?
  • Meaningful education dashboards

In addition to these, we see a number of more tailored needs, based on an organization’s business model. For example, online programs need to know if faculty are routinely logging and and updating their courses.

Academic Analytics

Gilfus Blackboard Analytics provides a unique fully hosted full service solution that empowers institutions for student retention, engagement, early warning and institutional accreditation. Gilfus Analytics provides a clear line of site for student success by providing dashboard visualizations and reporting insights from your online learning environment and enriching it with student information data.

Blackboard LMS Education Analytics and Intelligence Planning

  • Improve student outcomes
  • Enhance system performance
  • Improve course quality
  • Manage LMS best practices

Obtain a new level of intelligence from Blackboard Analytics! Gain valuable insights into retention, admission yields, course utilization and many other metrics. the Gilfus Education Group can help you get there.

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