Blackboard Consulting Services

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Interested in capturing the full value of Blackboard, leveraging the expertise of our consultants is the best way to maximize the success of your implementation. With our Blackboard Consulting, you’ll work with certified industry and technology experts who understand your institution’s specific needs. From strategy to implementation to maintenance. On a per project basis or as a full-time member of your team. Our Blackboard consultants can help you throughout your full project lifecycle by:

  • Ensuring greater adoption and more effective use of your Blackboard applications
  • Minimizing support and administrative costs
  • Enabling your employees to learn and share best practices

e-Education Planning
e-Education Planning Services will help you develop strategies specific to your goals. You’ll work with certified industry and technology experts who understand your institution’s needs and will help you identify critical success factors across your Blackboard deployment.

Systems Architecture Design
We’ll work closely with you to ensure your system architecture successfully supports critical initiatives. We’ll help with load balancing and database clustering so you can distribute user load across multiple application and database servers. We’ll work with you to design sophisticated backup, recovery and fail over mechanisms. We’ll prepare your system for sustained growth through systems engineering and routine load testing. And we’ll help ensure high availability with periodic health checks of your implementation.

Solution Implementation and Maintenance
Successful implementation and ongoing expansion of your Blackboard deployment can be challenging for even the most sophisticated IT organization. Additionally, the management of these solutions evolves over time, placing increased demands on your overall environment. Blackboard Consulting goes be yond mere installation by ensuring that your Blackboard application is effectively config ured, tested and documented. In cases where migration is required, this assistance is even more critical. We’ll ensure that your vital system data and course content is preserved.

Integration and Customization Services
Integrating your Blackboard system with other key campus technologies improves the flow of information and helps manage your costs as your e-Learning deployment grows. Blackboard Consulting offers a wide range of services designed to ensure rapid, successful integration of Blackboard Learn with your student information system, portal, authentication scheme and other applications.

Blackboard Training lays the foundation that enables you to:

  • Successfully implement your enterprise technology
  • Enhance the effectiveness of online instruction and programs at your institution
  • Increase your adoption rates with both faculty/staff and students
  • Save time and money by equipping your staff with the skills they need to fully leverage your Blackboard deployment
    Whether you are looking for a certification or to hone a specific skill set, we offer a variety of flexible training options to fit your needs. Available training formats include:

    • Online Courses
    • Regional Workshops
    • Onsite Workshops
    • Training Materials
    • Custom Training

    Training is available for:

    • System Administrators
    • Instructors/Faculty
    • Trainers
    • Support Personnel
    • Course Designers

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