Gilfus Education Group Executive in Residence Program

the Gilfus Education Group provides Executive in Residence services among a variety of roles including many mission critical positions.  The Gilfus team provides short term, long term, or interim services fulfilling President and CEO, Sr. Vice President, Vice President, and Director positions across the education industry including traditional public or private institutions, charter schools, for-profits, non-profits, exclusively online, and the businesses that serve them.  In almost all cases, Gilfus clients seek the firm’s leadership, innovation, turn around, change management, or organizational growth expertise.

Gilfus Education Group team members have hundreds of years’ collective experience providing strategy, research, and implementations with respect to organizational efficacy and delivering results against defined goals and objectives.   Gilfus team members can work with your senior leadership team to execute against your organization’s vision, mission, and goals in order to provide the greatest stakeholder/shareholder value possible.

During the past few years, many projects incorporated self-preservation objectives from a growth perspective.  Whether it’s strategic enrollment management, student retention initiatives, or growing top line revenue growth with a discerning eye on costs, the Gilfus Education Group is with you every step of the way!

Many Executive in Residence engagements include but are not limited to:

  • Providing executive leadership for specific roles and activities
  • Executing against a list of high priority items
  • Assessing team members, budget allocations, and other resources with an eye towards aligning to “new and best practices”
  • Reviewing and refining metrics, reporting, and processes
  • Offering procedural guidance and insights to stakeholder communications

Ultimately, our teams have played key roles in helping guide organizations through the most challenging economic times since the Great Depression.