Growth and Liquidity: Pursuing the next strategic step in meeting the goals of your organization

the Gilfus Education Group is dedicated to education innovation in learning markets  and helps innovators, entrepreneurs, investors of growth companies connect with the resources they need.

Gilfus Education Group clients include CEO’s, CTO’s, Presidents, Board Members and Investors of leading and emerging companies and organizations that serve the Education and Training Industries. Including K-12, Higher Education, corporate training, and professional and lifelong learning markets. The team has worked with a broad spectrum of businesses delivering organizational and consumer solutions across content, technology, support and service areas. As former operators of some of the world’s leading education businesses and institutions we are passionate about seeing your organization succeed.

We partner with today’s organizational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting improvements and provide independent advisory, strategic consulting, technical implementation, and industry research services to educational institutions, eLearning organizations, industry investors, and the educational companies that serve them. We assist committed entrepreneurs who have built foundational businesses, and are now looking for operating assistance to accelerate their reach, scale and impact.

We are intimately familiar with the operations and business models of:

  • Technology-based solutions and services
  • Education institutions and organizations
  • Educational services companies
  • Publishers and content providers

Organizations come to the Gilfus Education Group when they need to:

  • Validate a Product Strategy or Business Concept
  • Refine the Business Model to Increase Stockholder Value
  • Obtain Highly Strategic Capital from Investors or Strategic Partners
  • Create a Liquidity Event and/or Structure an Exit
  • Develop Strategic Partnerships with Critical Players
  • Persue Acquisitions that Build Value
  • Need Assistance Accessing Grants and RFP’s

Among the many types of clients we have experience working with are:

  • Entrepreneurs: Looking to vet a new business opportunity or idea and need assistance developing a business plan.
  • Early Stage Companies: that require market validation and need to refine business and product strategy as well as overall business positioning.
  • Mid-Growth Companies:that need assistance with market re-aligment, new product introductions, market socialization and overall market growth strategies.
  • Mature Companies: That need critical insights and strategies that result in maintaining a close relationship with their market.
  • Public Companies:
  • Industry Investors: requiring Education Industry Insights, regulatory, market trends and sizing, custom research, market competition and dynamics.
  • Nonprofits: associations and organizations exploring opportunities to scale dissemination of internally developed products and services while balancing mission objectives
  • Companies and organizations pursuing strategic partnerships and acquisitions as a
    key component of their growth strategy