Course Management Systems and the Reinvention of Instruction

October 1st 2004 Once again, technology potentially comes to the rescue with the Course Management System (CMS). A CMS or course management system is Internet-based software that manages student enrollment, tracks student performance, and creates and distributes course content. In this way, the Course Management System enables teachers to extend the classroom beyond its traditional boundaries of time and space.

Blackboard: A Big Name on Campus?

JULY 20, 2004 Blackboard (BBBB ) entered the market on June 18 at $14 a share, then rose to $23.38 and finally closed the day at $20.01. With 5.5 million offered shares, representing 21.5% of the company, Blackboard raked in $77 million. IPO analyst Tom Taulli liked what he saw: "This IPO seemed to excite investors, and they seemed to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon," he says.

Stephen Gilfus Blackboard Founder to Present at Maricopa Community College System

May 18,1999 Stephen Gilfus, company co-founder and VP of Marketing and Sales and Head of Product Strategy and Development at Blackboard will discuss the CourseInfo package recently purchased by Maricopa and discuss features of their new enterprise product, Campus.