Blackboard Acquisition may Solidify Gilfus Education Group Prediction of an Enterprise Education Platform

Reactions about the Blackboard acquisition from students and recent graduates at the Gilfus Education Group’s Education Research Center at George Mason University were mostly positive. Lauren Heimburg, a recent graduate with bachelor’s degrees in both mathematics and psychology from the University of Virginia provided the following insights: “I think Blackboard’s acquisition will cause UVA to intensify its focus on online learning initiatives in order to remain competitive in coming years. Enterprise Education Platforms can improve colleges and universities by enabling them to provide more efficient systems and facilities to their students and faculty and by simplifying their internal operations.”

Gilfus Education Group Predicts Top Five Education Innovation Trends for 2010 and 2011

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Education Innovation: 2010 Top Five Education Industry Trends, Predictions from the Gilfus Education Group Make Significant Progress


"At the end of every year, prior to Educause, we look to provide guidance to academic institutions, education industry investors and the content and technology companies that serve them, in an attempt to provide valuable insight towards meaningful engagement in new concepts and ideas.", said Stephen Gilfus, “2010 has already proven to be an exceptional year for change as we enter the new .EDU era and the coming “Age of Intelligence”.

Stephen Gilfus to Speak at NYC Education Business Breakfast

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Top 10 Higher Education State Policy Issues for 2010 – January 2010

The American Association of State Colleges and Universities provides critical guidance for 2010 State Policy Issues, providing perspectives on change and Education Innovation." - Stephen Gilfus, Gilfus Education Group