Cengage Unveils MindTap, an interactive learning program

Cengage Learning recently unveiled MindTap™, a program of digital products and services, including Cengage content, that engages students through interactivity and offers instructors choice in content, platforms, devices and learning tools.  Beyond an eBook, course delivery platform or Learning Management System, MindTap is the first in a new category of Personal Learning Experiences (PLEs). MindTap is device agnostic, giving students access to their course materials anytime, anywhere – on their desktops, laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

At the core of MindTap is MindTap Reader™, which is a new interactive platform that brings digital textbooks to life.  The MindTap Reader adds significant reading learning activity functionality embedded within the context of text and other elements including video/audio, annotations, activities, applications and instructor source materials, while also preparing existing products to take advantage of future MindTap services.

MindTap offers a variety of digital learning apps and services that combine Cengage Learning’s content with powerful technology that allows instructors to seamlessly deliver appropriate content to students when and where they need it including the ability to support offline learning activities. Through its new MindApps™ partner program, MindTap distributes content and technology assets from a number of providers, including commercial partners, institution and instructor sourced applications, and open community software and content sources.  MindApps create learning paths that integrate content and learning activity applications that map directly to an instructor’s syllabus or curriculum.  MindTap is LMS agnostic and designed to work with any supported LMS the instructor chooses to use. Students can navigate through a customized dashboard of readings, assignments, and other course information. This powerful combination of personalized content and on-the-go access encourages interactivity, increases student engagement and improves learning outcomes.

MindTap’s interactive features enable students to:

  • Customize the personal experience through learning paths and a growing library of included and optional MindApps to drive rich, interactive learning activities
  • Tap into a library of content, including tremendous assets from Cengage Learning’s Gale library databases
  • Learn ‘anytime anywhere’ via multiple devices
  • Learn concepts through activities and interactive exercises, quizzes and assignable homework
  • Access multimedia content such as videos, podcasts and images
  • Collaborate with peers through applications that drive lecture capture and social networking opportunities
  • Utilize text-to-speech tools, highlight, take notes, and link out to external sites directly within a reading or other learning activity

Cengage offers several informational videos for specific academic titles, listed below.