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this page is being updated… Grant Application Submissions will be available on June 15th. Please return to this page for more information after June 12th.

K12 Efficiency Forum Grant Overview

the Gilfus Education Group is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of Efficiency Forum Grants. The Efficiency Forum Grant Program is open to K12 institutions within the United States is designed to cover the costs of 3 efficiency forum management consulting strategic sessions. The Grant offering includes the cost of the sessions, materials and associated travel and expenses for the Gilfus Education Group team.

What is a K12 Efficiency Forum

K12 Efficiency Forum Grants:

the Gilfus Education Group is offering includes up to $100,000 of strategic management consulting services necessary to outline an a program that can create an organized plan for efficiencies across collaborative school districts.

K12 Efficiency Forums includes the following:

  • Formation of a collaborative environment to provide a neutral platform for collaborative district discussion
  • Application Integration

K12 Efficiency Forums enable K12 School Districts discover new and innovative ways to work with neighboring school districts in order to reduce the financial impacts of an economically constrained environment, maintain high quality programs, optimize existing budget allocations through organizational, program, and IT optimization and joint collaboration amongst neighbor districts.

The K12 Efficiency Forum Grant is designed fork12 school districts seeking to collaborate with neighboring districts to optimize capabilities. Recipients of the Grant will receive substantial financial and organizational assistance in the development of an Efficiency Plan and Roadmap.

In addition to receiving management consulting services as part of a K12 Efficiency Forum Grant, recipients will be asked to participate in assessing the efficacy of the Efficiency Forums and provide feedback for further engagement.

Application Protocol and Timetable

the Gilfus Education Group will select Grant recipients based on a number of categories. Decisions will be made according to the Gilfus Education Group’s goal for determining the efficacy of Efficiency Forum services at a diverse sampling of institutions of K-12. Within the auspices of this broad goal, the Gilfus Education Group will seek institutions that can demonstrate excellence in the following categories:

  • Commitment to participating in a collaborative environment
  • Compatibility with the Gilfus Education Group’s technology goals
  • Ability to participate effectively in Efficiency Forum sessions
  • Strong academic alliances

the Gilfus Education Group will review applications from educational institutions with established credentials as institutions of K-12 under United States Law. All applications will be reviewed by an evaluation committee comprised representatives of the Gilfus Education Group and external consultants. Both soft copies and hard copies will be accepted, with duplication of forms encouraged. Soft copies must be submitted. Applications must be received before 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, June 30, 2010 and sent to:

Gilfus Education Group Grant Committee
1050 Connecticut Ave NW
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20036

After reviewing all valid applications, the Gilfus Education Group will provide up to twenty-five (25) full and partial K12 Efficiency Forum Grants. The entire Grant application and distribution process will proceed according to the following timetable for US:

* May 30, 2010: Final Application Due Date
* June 7, 2010: Gilfus Education Group Awards Grants

Contact the Gilfus Education Group to become a preferred consultant.


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