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Thought Leadership

the Gilfus Education Group uses thought leadership to generate the insights that position our clients for success. Our thought leadership has been manifested in publications, presentations and speaking appearances, satellite/Web broadcasts, and other venues.

Industry Leaders

the Gilfus Education Group only hires the industry’s top talent and it is imperative they are able to perform multiple roles at a client site. We are proud to have practice managers overseeing each of our service lines who are recognized by their peers throughout the industry as thought leaders in their respective disciplines. We have hired former executives from industry to lead many of our service lines or bring targeted advisory services to bear when a client’s set of challenges require proven past leadership and advice. Our consultants and our business partners are the key to our success. Throughout our history, our leadership team has recognized that clients are more interested in the individual consultant’s expertise and personality than the consulting firm they represent. The individual consultant is the key to success and we have had clients repeatedly tell us that our most distinguishing characteristic is the caliber and dedication of the consultants we work with. We have achieved our level of success through our pursuit of quality and attention to detail. Each Peak Performance Technology consultant and partner has been handpicked for their experience in project management knowledge of enterprise-wide business processes, system implementation experience, and passion for achieving excellence.

Experience and Culture

Our consultants have an average of 13 years of hands on consulting experience in their respective disciplines. We recruit experienced industry professionals who enjoy a flexible, client focused environment. Our consultants are given the chance to specialize in and explore their own area of expertise. Consequently our consultants are highly motivated, committed to enhancing their skills and dedicated to achieving the best solution for the client.

Our culture has been vital to our continued success, as it is a key component of why clients enjoy working with Peak Performance Technologies’ leadership team and consultants. Part of our recruitment process is selecting consultants we believe will easily integrate into our clients’ existing culture. Collectively, the principals and key staff of the Gilfus Education Group have worked with thousands of colleges and universities and K-12 Districts and over 125 public sector clients ranging from state government agencies to large cities and counties. When you hire the Gilfus Education Groups you are hiring the collective knowledge that has been gained from all of our past engagements and industry experiences.

Over the past two decades, Gilfus Education Group team members and partners have literally guided the education market, and provided thoughtful frameworks and developed compelling technology to meet the demands and dynamics of the growing education marketplace. the Gilfus Education Group Team has combined thought leadership and artful practice to shape the leading edge of thinking on leading and navigating organizational and technology change, crafting and executing strategy, while focusing on value, and measurement. We are leading the way in institutional planning, organizational change, building online capacity, social learning, communities of practices and the development of shared services.

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