The Power of Choice

Determining the best solution to meet your organizations specific needs is a challenging decision.

Using an independent, non-biased resource can assist in decision making by providing valuable insight into the companies and technologies that can help.

Gilfus Education Group experts can assist in developing an organizations strategic plan, choosing appropriate technology and aligning it to educational and business goals. As an independent industry resource the Gilfus Education Group can help organizations make the right decision for business and for education.

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Strategic Planning

Understanding how to meet organizational goals is a often a challenging proposition. the Gilfus Education Group can assist your organization in decision making by providing insightful knowledge on a variety of industry capabilities while assisting your organization in developing a plan to meet its needs.

Program Management Offices

The challenge in developing a PMO starts with a vision of project excellence. Attaining this vision requires development methodologies, processes, tools and templates that create consistency. The larger an organization gets, and the more projects that are in work at one time, the more difficult it becomes to maintain organizational consistency. Without it, the full value of implementing a common project management methodology cannot be achieved.

Academic Analytics

Critical data can help educational organizations address student success and accountability while better fulfilling their academic missions and meeting business goals or requirements.

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  • Student Retention and Success.

Institutional Assessment

Decision making within an organization can often be decentralized creating inefficiencies and duplication around educational technology and resources. the Gilfus Education Group can provide an independent objective evaluation of the projects within your organization to improve resource alignment and create operational efficiencies.

Technology Review and Selection

Selecting the right technologies to meet the needs of your organization can be a challenging prospect. the Gilfus Education Group can provide your organization with an independent perspective on the right mix and blend of technologies to meet your organizations objective. Our team makes it easier for your organization to make a decision by developing and managing much of the RFP process.

Data Security and FERPA

Managing and meeting requirements around data integrity and privacy are critical to the deployment of any successful technology implementation. the Gilfus Education Group can assist an organization in meeting business and educational requirements for (FERPA) and the management of sensitive constituent information .

With a focus on:

  • Providing independent information for critical decision making.
  • Seizing emerging opportunities to launch new products, and penetrate new markets.
  • Meeting organizational goals and outcomes.
  • Minimizing and mitigating future organizational risk.
  • Deploying stable and scalable environments.
  • Meeting the needs of a variety of end users and constituents.
  • Enabling organizations to meet industry requirements.
  • Providing critical market data and insights on a variety of educational companies and products.
  • Deploying stable and scalable environments and sharing best practices.
  • Meeting core short and long term educational and business objectives.
  • Providing the optimal approach for an organization through the blending of technology.
  • Developing internal and external consumer and institutional marketing plans.
  • Assisting throughout the life cycle, from planning to implementation to measurement.


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