Ensure Your Organization is Viable During Difficult Times.

Are you prepared to address any type of disruption in normal business operations, or teaching and learning? For any natural or man-made disaster, the Gilfus Education Group can help you develop and implement effective continuity plans. We’ll work with your institution to complete a Business Continuity or Education Continuity Plan, work with you to implement and maintain an effective Institutional Broadcast and Communications system, and assist you in making sure your overall infrastructure can support your organization in times of need. the Gilfus Education Group can work with you to develop policies and procedures that will develop a road map and strategy for institutional resiliency.

Business Continuity Planning

Our approach centers on assessing your current plans and capabilities and providing specific feedback on your readiness as measured against effective practices. If we find gaps, the next step will be working with you to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses key effective practice areas. Lastly, we’ll develop a plan for execution and testing so you’re prepared to act.

Education Continuity Planning

As an educational organization, are you prepared to deliver your capabilities remotely? Have you implemented an effective strategy for online learning in support of remote learners and to counteract major disasters or pandemics? the Gilfus Education Group is the go-to team for many organizations, providing effective strategies around a variety of Learning Management and ERP systems, making sure you can continue your operations and support ongoing teaching and learning engagement during tough times.

Institutional Broadcast Communications and Notifications

When critical events happen its important to stay in communication with all your constituents, faculty, students and your entire organization. Have you implemented a mass alert and notification system? Combining text, voice, email, and social networking capabilities into a single centralized social media communication tool enables you to stay in contact with your most important audience.

Get them the information they need when they need it!

  • Where they Live!
  • Where they Learn!
  • Anyway they like!

the Gilfus Education Group has partnered with a few key technology organizations to provide critical technologies to your institution. Contact us and ask us how.

Teaching and Learning Continuity

Are you prepared for providing learning continuity? Implementing an effective teaching and learning platform provides an effective channel and fallback during times of distress – even during on-site closures or schedule disruptions. Faculty and learners may continue teaching, learning, and supporting operations during uncertain times. During a major disruption, are sufficient numbers of your faculty trained to instruct online? In the event of a crisis, you may need to nimbly move teaching and learning online. the Gilfus Education Group can put the tools and curriculum you need at your fingertips so you can deliver teaching, learning and training in a systematic, economical way.

A Continuous Infrastructure

Are you prepared? Has your team implemented backup and recovery strategies that can generate an acceptable MTTR (Mean Time to Recovery)? Do you have the system capacity you need to cope with sudden and significant increases in usage? the Gilfus Education Group can work with you to determine your most critical systems and identify the capacity you’ll need during a catastrophic event. the Gilfus Education Group can assess your technical infrastructure and create a plan that will help scale your current system, regardless of vendor, to support more students and staff and new usage patterns.

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