Education Industry Insights: Intimate Market Data, For Critical Decision Making

Education Industry Insights services are designed to provide clients with company and market due diligence, investment transaction assistance, independent consulting, strategic planning, and insights into transformational changes to competitive eLearning technologies, content development, deployment, and education programs, as well as insights into where technology in education and training is going. The goal of Education Industry Insights is to provide clients with timely and tangible market insights to mitigate market challenges, provide reliable market data and strategic best practices to ensure that clients are well-informed regarding important decisions in the education industry.

Access to Exclusive Industry Hosted E-Events

  • Teleconferences – Clients can opt to exchange one of their five (5) consultation calls for a 30-minute teleconference with multiple advisors, to provide the client with different perspectives on a certain issue or topic.
  • Webinars – Clients will receive invites for Gilfus Education Group hosted Webinars and will also gain access to other relevant webinars from other industry experts.
  • Podcasts– Clients will be able to subscribe to a podcast which will feature a member of the Gilfus Education Group team hosting a variety of industry experts, Gilfus Advisors, and other guest of interest

Access to Written Reports

  • Industry Spotlights – Reports with brief comments from a variety of different experts and Gilfus Advisors on a proposed topic
  • Specific research – Reports, typically between 5 and 10 page qualitative reports based on a specific subject decided on during consultation. One (1) allowed report request per year.
  • Published Research – Any additional research that is published throughout the annual period including reports, analysis, and white papers
  • Industry Alerts – Reports and analysis of breaking news relevant to the education industry
  • Monthly e-Newsletter – A monthly digest emailed to subscription email and found in the members’ portal that provides news, summaries, interesting and relevant articles, and other interesting education industry tidbits.

Dedicated Gilfus Advisors

Clients who choose this service will be provided with a current list of subject-matter experts and Gilfus Advisors and will be able to choose to have a consultant assigned to their case. A full education and experience profile will be provided that will allow clients to carefully select an advisor who best suits their needs and/or questions.

  • In-person consultations, analysis, and presentations – When requested, clients will have to provide a small fee, but will be able to have a team of subject-matter experts and/or Gilfus Advisors meet in-person to review a topic that might be difficult to discuss over the phone and/or email. These in-person events will require at least two (2) months advance notice and are subject to change. Clients are limited to one in-person event per annual subscription.
  • Unlimited email contact with assigned advisor and access to discussion forum.

Clients will be able to add-on additional services if they would like additional consulting or research for an additional fee, including:

  1. Consultation calls
  2. Research Requests
  3. Meeting Requests
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