Education Market Research for the 21st Century

In 2012, the Gilfus Education Group launched several major research studies in North American Higher Education. Commissioned by major industry leaders, the group obtained data and created strategies for:

  • Adaptive Content and Curriculum
  • eTextbooks and the transition from Physical to Digital
  • Mobile Learning and Smart Phone Usage
  • 1 to 1 programs and the Deployment of STEM programs
  • Academic Analytics and Institutional Outcomes
  • Learning Management Marketplace
  • LMS Selection Analysis and Data

Various initiatives included strategic conversations with hundreds of academic institutions and industry leaders. Education Market Research results are often made available for Gilfus Education Group Education Industry Insights customers.

Death of Campus Computing and Birth of Education Industry Insights

Looking for education market research you can make decisions with? Tired of the same old computing surveys that are re-purposed over decades? Looking to gain insight on how to grow your institution for the 21st century based on new and insightful information?

the Gilfus Education Group is the only company to be sought out by:

  • Education Institutions
  • Industry Leading publishers
  • Education Businesses
  • Telecom Providers
  • and Industry Investors

New paradigms have changed the way technology is perceived in and around academic institutions. Historically thought of as “Campus Computing,” the concept of campuses and computing have radically changed. No longer is the education campus just defined by physical boundaries nor is computing defined by the institutions themselves. Today, education campuses can be global in nature, and computing and technology are more often influenced by the consumer more so than the institutions.

Core tenants of this new school of thought and key drivers of “Education Industry Insights” are:

  • The Consumerization of Education
  • The Commoditization if Online Learning
  • The Disaggregation of Programs of Learning
  • Increased Online and Global Education Market Competition
  • Thinking Strategically about Online Learning

As such, critical Education Market Research is required not only for data from on-campus computing technology but market insights that can provide academic institutions, education vendors, and industry investors with capabilities for critical decision making in a dynamic world of global education technology.