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  • Brandon Hall Research
    The best research in the industry on learning technology comparisons (LMS, LCMS, Authoring Tools, Custom Developers) and learning best practices. To receive a 10% Chapman Alliance discount on any research report, use code bchap1feb7 when ordering

  • Bersin and Associates
    Best practice studies of talent management and learning. Their case studies provide a wealth of information.

  • IDC – eLearning Market Reports
    Cushing Anderson’s reports on the size of the eLearning Market are the best in the business. The estimates align very well with what we are seeing out there in the market.

  • ASTD Research
    Great State of the Industry reports and many research reports on best practices. Look to ASTD reports for information on the broader “Training” industry (beyond eLearning).

  • EduTools
    Comparison of Academic LMS & CMS (Course Management Systems). Very helpful resource if you are considering Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Angel, OLAT etc.
  • Forrester Research
    Follow the research of Clair Schooley with focus on learning, social learning, generational learning issues, etc. This link goes directly to her research page.

  • E-Learning Guild
    360 degree research reports on learning topics such as LMS, Simulation, and Synchronous Learning

  • Human Capital Management – with reports on learning and talent management. Look for the research by Mollie Lombardi, HCM research specialist.
  • No Significant Difference Phenomenon
    This is a very cool site that list hundreds of studies comparing the effectiveness of e-learning vs. classroom (also synchronous online, etc.). If anyone ever asks you if online learning is effective, this is a great place to start in making your case.
  • Training Magazine’s 2008 Training Industry Report
    This is a free download. Exellent information
  • Ambient Insight
    Learning Industry Market Sizing and Forecasting Reports
  • Masie Consortium
    Shared best practice information through membership in the Masie Consortium. Also, free digital books on learning topics
  • Excellent resource for custom research on the learning industry in Europe
  • independent eLearning research and in the French market; LMS Benchmarking Report and Case Studies
  • Straits Knowledge
    Good source of research on learning in Asia and Asia Pacific
  • Subscription based membership for benchmarking and productivity research in areas such as Compliance, Leadership, and Talent Management
  • ALN Research
    This site contains a collection of learning research studies (pre 2005); with searchable index
  • Tagoras
    Research into e-learning pricing and how to make e-learning a revenue producing activity (especially for Associations)
  • Training Research Highlghts
    A summary of tidbit of learning studies all rolled together on a single page. Nice stuff.
  • Synopsis of Key Learning Theories
    This is a great resource to learn about instructional design theories from leaders such as Gagne, Merrill, Ausubell, Landa, etc.
  • Free e-book download, studies of organizations that benefit by using reusable learning content vs. companies where reusable content didn’t seem to work.
  • Very good description of leaders in the academic LMS market. It’s not just a battle between Blackboard and Opensource. There is more to the story.
  • Cisco’s RLO Strategy
    Although written in 1999, this document explains the theory and framework behind how “learning objects” work. A valuable resource for those working on their own content management strategy.