Strategic Insights for Your Institution or Organization

the Gilfus Education Group and it’s Gilfus Advisors network frequently releases Education Industry White Papers to provide insights into strategic directions for its customers. Below are a few of the most recently released materials.

The Educational Technology Framework

A Road Map for Successful Educational Technology Adoption

The model proposes five key phases with key transition points at each stage, which indicate what is required to enable the institution to move to the next stage of educational technology adoption.
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Lifelong Learning: The New Normal for Higher Education

Meeting the Needs of Today’s Dynamic Learner

Lifelong learning is quickly becoming a cornerstone of our higher education system. There is a growing need to provide new capabilities to power the work force while meeting the dynamic needs of today’s 21st century student. Learn More

Social Learning” Buzz Masks Deeper Dimensions

Education and the Social Web Whitepaper
One issue with today’s offerings for social software in education is that they are being presented as “social learning” solutions, but they are not being designed, packaged or integrated with the greater concepts of social learning theory in mind.
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“Promise of Community” An Education Paradigm

Building Education Communities

Today there is a tremendous opportunity to combine existing technology capabilities with the practices and theories of learning communities to develop a vigorous learning and engaging communities.


Intelligence Emerges from an Enterprise Education Platform

Reducing the Cost of Technology Fragmentation

the Gilfus Education Group believes that higher educators are demanding a new solutions category: the Enterprise Education Platform, providing a wealth of intelligent benefits and efficiencies, as well as time and cost savings. Learn More

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