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Intelligence Emerges from Enterprise Education Platform

Enterprise Education Platform

  • Even with significant advances in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) techniques and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodologies for system integration, one of the most acute information technology gaps at colleges today is the huge discontinuity between the LMS and the ERP.
  • For many years, higher educators have been yearning for a platform that cohesively unites the traditional LMS with the traditional set of ERP applications. With advances in information technology, stabilization of LMS requirements, improved user interfaces for ERP applications and the evolution of business intelligence methodologies, such a platform now is possible. the Gilfus Education Group believes that higher educators are demanding a new solutions category: the Enterprise Education Platform.
  • The Enterprise Education Platform provides a wealth of intelligent benefits and efficiencies, as well as time and cost savings to college students, faculty, staff, alumni, potential students, parents, employers, donors, and most other constituents in the continuum of education. Information is power. Intelligence is empowering.

Written by: Stephen Gilfus, © Gilfus Education Group

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