Innovation Showcase Theater

the Gilfus Education Group would like to invite you and your colleagues to attend the “Education and Training Innovation Showcase” in Anaheim, California, October 16th and 17th , showcasing innovative solutions for Enterprise Learning, Administrative Solutions, Curriculum, Education Policy, Online Capacity and more.

The Innovation Showcase brings together a prestigious group of industry leaders, company executives and education innovators in one unique location. As an incentive, each Educause 2013 attendee who participates in an Innovation Showcase presentation can become eligible to win a new iPad!

Our goal as an organization is to provide the education and training industries with the insights they need to build capacity and develop high performing learning organizations. As such, we provide ongoing insights through our Innovation Showcases. As part of the Innovation Showcase at a specific conference, organizations like yours can present in a theater available in the Gilfus Education Group booth. Your presentation will be digitally recorded  and produced, much like other videos on our site. In addition, we will be providing a written profile about your organization and promoting your organization’s participation in the Innovation Showcase prior to and during the conference. There are no fees associated with participation.

The Education Innovation Showcase in the Gilfus Education Booth Theater is open for presentation application.

For Industry Leaders:
Present and showcase your, or your institution’s, innovative ideas, research projects and industry successes. Is your organization or institution in a position to provide insights into an industry success or do you have an innovative project or new discovery you would like to share? The Innovative Showcase is a central place where all industry leaders at a conference can come see your presentation.

For Solution Providers:
Prior to every conference, the Gilfus Education Group reaches out to its prestigious list of clients to inform them of our activities, including participants in the Education Innovation Showcase. With communications to over 85,000 industry leaders, the Gilfus Education Group can help your organization get in front of the right decision makers. Our goal with the Education Innovation Showcase theaters is to provide awareness to the market of new, unique and successful opportunities to help foster education innovation. Although not required, we recommend that solution providers present with an existing customer.

For Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs
As an innovative technology entrepreneur, you can showcase your company to industry leaders, industry investors, and decision makers. There is no fee associated with the presentation, simply qualify to present.

Innovation Showcase Logistics

  • Stop by the booth when you arrive at EDUCAUSE and check in with our staff.
  • Please arrive at our booth at the theater you are presenting at least 15 minutes before your presentation time
  • Bring your presentation on a memory stick or have it quickly available to download
  • A computer will be provided and will already be hooked up to the video display and audio.
  • An internet connection will be provided, however have a backup presentation just in case your online solution is not available