Global Education Innovation

Over the past two decades, Gilfus Advisor team members and partners have literally guided innovation and invention in education and training by providing thoughtful frameworks and compelling technology to meet the demands and dynamics of the growing marketplace. The Gilfus Advisors Team has combined thought leadership and artful practice to shape the leading edge of thinking on leading and navigating organizational and technology change, crafting and executing strategy, while focusing on value, and measurement. We are leading the way in organizational and institutional planning and change management, education and workforce, consumer marketing and strategic enrollment management, learning and development, eLearning strategies, corporate training, project management, building online training and education capacity, social learning, communities of practice and the development of shared services.

  • Our History – Since 1997 Gilfus Advisors have been serving the Education and Training Industries
  • Our Expertise – Gilfus Advisors exist within the nexus of education, business and technology.
  • Our Capabilities – Thought leaders across today’s education/training organizations and IT related issues.
  • Our Philosophy – Provide resources to education organizations in a flexible and just in time manner.
  • Our Mission – Foster global education innovation connecting organizations, investors and businesses.

Member Benefits

  1. Become part of an elite and distinguished network of experts
  2. Gain access to Gilfus Advisor thought leadership and industry reports.
  3. Participate in Gilfus Advisor member specific events.
  4. Receive discounts on the annual Education Innovation Week conference.
  5. Become a part of the Gilfus Advisor exclusive member community.
  6. Network with other distinguished Gilfus Advisor members via our LinkedIn group.
  7. Become eligible to consult with global education, business and investment leaders worldwide.
  8. Earn hourly and project based consulting fees.

Institutions, Investors, Businesses

Gilfus Advisors offer independent management consulting, technical implementation and industry research services to educational institutions, industry investors and the educational companies that serve them. We partner to help organizations become better positioned to achieve strategic goals, compete for scarce resources, and plan for the future.

Elite Industry Experts, Gilfus Advisors

The Gilfus Advisors network is the industries first source for global, technology and education and training related consulting.

Gilfus Advisors are a distinguished and elite group of Presidents, CEO’s, CIO’s, CAO’s, Provosts, Vice Provosts, senior level executives, managers, practitioners, instructional designers and business and thought leaders from throughout the education and training industries who provide timely, accurate, and insightful information and consulting on various areas of the industry. Client interactions with Gilfus Advisors include full-blown consulting projects to just-in-time telephone consultations, in-person meetings, reports, and educational presentations. Gilfus Advisors are led by one of the most distinguished executives in the education and training industries,  Stephen Gilfus, a father of modern day eLearning, noted speaker and eLearning industry business strategist and visionary.

Become a Gilfus Advisor

  • Our History – Join the team that helped birth the eLearning industry.
  • Our Expertise – Perform in the nexus of education, business & technology.
  • Our Capabilities – Provide expertise across education and IT related issues.
  • Our Philosophy – Engage organizations in a flexible and just-in-time manner.
  • Our Mission – Connect education organizations, investors, and businesses

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