K12 Education Congress: Delegates

Our delegation is comprised exclusively of senior level district administrators on an invitation only bases to ensure the highest degrees of relevancy both in sessions and when networking.

These administrators are the experts in the field; therefore, we allow them to drive the content and the topics of discussion. Our delegates lead the panel discussions, executive mind share and host the one-on-one strategy sessions at their discretion.

As a delegate, you’ll be invited to network with your peers from leading districts across the country, to share insights on real-world strategies and discuss implementations, upcoming projects and best practices in a variety of formal and informal networking opportunities

The K-12 Education Congress delegation is comprised of Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Associate Superintendents, C-Level Administrators, Directors in various functional areas including Curriculum, Instruction, Technology, Professional Development, Assessment, Career, Technical Education.

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The K12 Education Congress was created by a demand in the current education market space to be able to reach top level district leaders and move the industry forward. Commissioned as a national gathering of the minds for senior district administrators the K-12 Education Congress brings together delegates who are responsible for overseeing the strategy and investments of the nation’s leading school districts as they pertain to curriculum, instructional technology and professional development.

Our goal is to enable Supts, Asst. Supts and Directors to share insights on real-world strategies, discuss implementations, upcoming projects and best practices while meeting the increasing demand on their district and advancing student achievement.

If you believe that you qualify to attend this Congress please fill out the form below. All information submitted on this form will be kept confidential.