Research/White Papers

The following list of items have been referenced in numerous other bodies of works, articles and doctoral thesis, as well as, in depth studies on the evolution of online learning and the eLearning education industry.

  • April 25, 2000, Blackboard Learning System, inducted into the archives for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s IT Innovation Collection and received the ComputerWorld Smithsonian Award for its leadership in using information technology to improve society.
  • Gilfus, Stephen (2000-12-20). “Product Strategy and Development Roadmap(PDF). Blackboard Inc.(Product strategy for the core Blackboard platform from V4 – V6 and beyond.)
  • Gilfus, Stephen; Pittinsky, Matthew (2000-01-01). “Product Strategy and Vision White paper on (B2) Initiative” (PDF). Blackboard.(Pragmatic partner program for the extension of the Blackboard platform.)
  • Roberts, Judy; Beke, Jensen, Mercer (2000-12-20). “Harvesting Fragments of Time. McGrawHill Ryerson. (Team Researcher)(Led by McGraw-Hill to design a model around “mobile learning” device distribution for students.)
  • Yaskin, David; Gilfus, Stephen (2001-01-10) “Blackboard 5: Introducing the Blackboard 5 – Learning system“. Blackboard Inc.(1st extension of the product strategy outlined in 2000. This is V.5)
  • Yaskin, David; Gilfus, Stephen (2002-03-23) “Blackboard 5 – Release 5.5 Overview“. Blackboard Inc.(A Release 5.5 Update.)
  • Gilfus, Stephen (2002-09-15) “Release of Bb SCORM Player“. Blackboard Inc..(SCORM 1.2 Player in collaboration with the National Defense University, ADL Co-Labs, and the DOD)
  • Gilfus, Stephen (2004-12-20) “Educational Technology Framework“. Blackboard Inc. – Stephen Gilfus(Partial outline of the ETF, for educational technology adoption. Contact Us for further discussion.)
  • Ellis, Cathy (2004-04-23) “Benchmarking Blackboard– From Champions To Transformers“. BbMatters.(An independent article on the Educational Technology Framework.)
  • Gilfus, Stephen (2009-04-10) ““Social Learning” Buzz Masks Deeper Dimensions“. Gilfus Education Group(One issue with today’s offerings for social software in education is that they are being presented as “social learning” solutions, but they are not being designed, packaged or integrated with the greater concepts of social learning theory in mind.)
  • Gilfus, Stephen (2009-10-25) “Intelligence Emerges from Enterprise Education Platform“. Gilfus Education Group(One of the most acute information technology gaps at colleges today is the huge discontinuity between the LMS and the ERP.)