Stephen Gilfus launched a distinguished career as a founder and principal designer of the world’s leading e-learning platform (Blackboard Inc.) His work with educational institutions, leading industry publishers, technology partners, industry investors, and standards bodies has helped facilitate global educational opportunities and the development of online learning capacity for thousands of organizations across the globe.

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Gilfus has provided leadership strategies to some of the world’s most prestigious academic institutions and world publishers as the primary author of the “Educational Technology Framework,” a model used to guide hundreds of academic institutions to contemplate the organizational, technological, and social impact of educational technologies on schools, districts, educational organizations, and institutions.

He is recognized by many organizations as a key driver behind the growth of the eLearning industry and has presented at hundreds of academic institutions, eLearning organizations and industry conferences.

Mr. Gilfus has been active in various professional associations and community service organizations throughout his career. He has been a long-time member of EDUCAUSE, ASTD, ASCD, ISTE, and the Masie Center. He serves on the board of directors of several companies with education initiatives including the Student Employment Council. He leads an extensive network as the organizer and head of the Blackboard, WebCT, Angel Learning and IBM Education Alumni organizations with deep relationships at 85% of the companies in the education space. Most recently Mr. Gilfus was recognized by the White House as one of 15 top Innovators in the eLearning Industry.

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In 2007, Mr.Gilfus left Blackboard, became an independent consultant, and formed the Gilfus Education Group, an independent non-biased organization that brings together a team of highly skilled industry professionals that foster global education innovation. The team partners with today’s organizational and industry leaders to develop effective and lasting improvements to education and provides independent consulting, technical implementation, and industry research services to educational institutions, industry investors, and the educational companies that serve them.

Stephen has presented and keynoted several leading global industry conferences and has lectured on teaching and learning on the Internet and the growing online education industry. He has a unique ability to apply complex technology to real world problems, a key factor in the industries growth and institutional technology adoption. He is a highly sought-after speaker and presenter at various forums on education and technology.

He is currently providing consultation to several delegations on innovative areas including the development of organizational capabilities for online learning programs, learning platforms, digital content repositories and distribution, enterprise resource planning and student information systems, community platforms, shared services, and the development of both physical and virtual universities in Australia, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Albania, Morocco and the United States.

Through his work in participating in industry standards bodies, he developed a content distribution system to enable publishers to create and distribute educational materials directly into the Blackboard platform. In this capacity, he collaborated with some of the worlds leading publishers to enhance their current offerings through educational technology. He developed, designed, and implemented Pearson Education’s Course Compass product, Reed Elsevier’s Evolve and, Houghton Mifflin’s (Now Cengage) EduSpace. In this same capacity and as head of the companies professional service division, he helped build core capabilities for Laureate (Sylvan), KC Distance Learning, Florida Virtual High School, DeVry, Capella, Strayer University, eArmyU (now, GoArmyEd), and hundreds of others.