Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)

the Gilfus Education Group provides strategic enrollment management, planning, and alignment solutions to institutions experiencing dramatic and unprecedented changes in student demographics, financial resources, tuition revenue, financial aid, and increased competition.

Our expert consultants provide offerings that encompass the full range of strategic and tactical solutions. From overall recruiting communications and marketing strategies to tuition pricing, competitive positioning, retention enhancement strategies, and the tactical implementation of CRM systems. Through our successful engagements with clients we know that SEM Works!

Planning, Alignment and Management

Our experienced consultants can help you overcome challenges and reach your goals in any area, including:

  • Marketing and Positioning
  • Marketing Communications
  • Research and Demographics
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Strategies
  • PPC/SEO and Organic Search
  • Introductions of New Programs
  • Web Properties Enhancements
  • Recruitment and Campaigning
  • Pipeline
  • CRM Optimization
  • Process Optimization
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Application Refinements
  • Financial aid leveraging
  • FYE – Retention
  • Student Life-Cycle Management

Through our Gilfus Advisors program we are expert consultants who serve enrollment managers.

Higher Education Strategic Enrollment Planning and Management

Gilfus Education Group - Higher Education Strategic Enrollment Planning and Management Consultants
We understand the challenges posed by changing demographics and increased competition. The methodologies of yesterday no longer work in today’s dynamic environment. Our team includes expert individuals that have made effective change in enrollment management processes that can meet the Mission, Vision and Goals of today’s institutions.


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