Course Management Software Multidisciplinary Applications of CourseInfo to Motivate Students in Traditional Course Settings

Authors: Ellen R. Cohn, University of Pittsburgh. Gary P. Stoehr,…

Blackboard History – 99 College Announcements

Blackboard Inc. today announced that more than 75 colleges and…

Blackboard Announces Development of IMS-based Course Delivery Tools

May 14th,1998 “Few people know IMS better than Blackboard” stated Michael Pettit, Blackboard’s Chief Systems Architect. “We think IMS will quickly become a viable architecture on which to build on-line education related systems, and a strong competitive advantage for Blackboard’s product line.”

CourseInfo LLC History – Stephen Gilfus and Dan Cane

January 1998 CourseInfo, one of the two companies forming Blackboard Inc. was founded in 1997 by Dan Cane and Stephen Gilfus while at Cornell University.