Google Says Pearson’s New Learning System Is ‘Not a Shared Product’

By Jeffrey R. Young - October 20, 2011 Chronicle of Higher…

What is a Learning Management System?

So, what is a learning management system exactly?

Academic and Administrative Education Technology Marketplace Expected to Consolidate within 12-24 Months

“ Today’s release of the ‘Enterprise Education Platform’ marks a milestone moment in redefining the current possibilities of transformational technologies for our educational institutions. The convergence of ERP and LMS technology into a single holistic platform can, and will, increase individual and organizational intelligence, reduce total operational costs and improve institutional outcomes and student success.”

LMS NextGen – Gilfus Education Group

The emergence of LMS's oriented around analytics is one part of this process; LMS NextGen will be a critical component of the data that will aid and inform these efforts.

Learning Management Systems – Free Style

Monday, June 09, 2008 Have you been looking for a free hosted LMS or CMS to teach a course? Have you ever wanted to teach a little something online, even make a few bucks? It has been some time since I've searched for free course management systems and mostly I was familiar with those that have to be installed on a server (Moodle, ATutor, Sakai). I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a growing number of applications that are hosted online.