Stephen Gilfus (born May 24, 1970) is best known as a founder of Blackboard Inc. and a major contributor to the development of web course management systems


Stephen Gilfus Discusses Challenges In Determining Amount Of Privacy And Expectation In Social Networks

The internet is not a private network. If you put pictures up from that sorority or fraternity party, people will see them. Actually, I say that because I think one of the biggest challenges and mistakes people make is they put too much of their personal lives online and one of the companies I'm involved in is a company that is around employing students and you'd be incredibly surprised how many students apply for a job and how many employers look on Facebook and go no frickin' way because students don't have a real comprehension and that generational

Gilfus Education Group attends First Annual Venture Capital in Education Summit 2009 at Stanford University

May 1st, 2009 Gilfus Education Group attends First Annual Venture Capital in Education Summit 2009. Leading independent investment bank Berkery Noyes and Stanford University today announced the featured speakers at the inaugural Venture Capital in Education Summit 2009 .

Gilfus Education Group to present to Silicon Valley Venture Capital panel on state of education marketplace

Thursday, March 05, 2009 Today Stephen Gilfus of the Gilfus Education Group presented to a select panel of Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto) on the state of the education industry. Participants included individuals from Accel partners, Institutional venture Partners and several others.

Blackboard Founder Leaves to bring broader expertise and capabilities to the Education and Training Industries

December 15th 2007 Stephen Gilfus announced today that he will be leaving Blackboard Inc. at the beginning of the new Year in January 2008 to become an independent industry consultant. "Over the last decade I have had the opportunity to serve thousands of institutions with their educational technology needs through my involvement with Blackboard", said Gilfus, "I am excited that I can now provide an independent perspective on many of the industries past developments while providing extended capabilites to academic insitutitons through agnostic decision making."

History of Blackboard and the Blackboard Learning System

A brief history of Blackboard. Blackboard LLC was founded in 1997 by two education advisors, Matthew Pittinsky and Michael Chasen, as a consulting firm to provide technical standards for online learning applications. Blackboard LLC was contracted to the IMS Global Learning Consortium, a worldwide non-profit organization within the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative of Educause. Blackboard’s vision was to provide a user-friendly means by which college professors could put course information, including syllabi, reference sites, and study guides, on the Web. In 1998, Blackboard merged with CourseInfo LLC, a course management software provider and startup company at Cornell University by Stephen Gilfus and Dan Cane, and the merged company soon released their first software product for online learning. Blackboard’s continued growth and the expanding public profile was driven by acquisitions.