Open Data Industry Profiles: Insights for Peer-to Peer Benchmarking and Technology Purchasing.

the Gilfus Education Group is in the midst of deploying several “Open Data” solutions for academic decision makers, learning organizations, and information technology companies. Our “Open Data” solutions and solution provider profiles will be provided as a “Free” service during  2013. Our new data technology will be available in this year with elements that draw from industry solution providers, high performing learning organizations, IPEDS, education directories, and the DOE’s “Open Data Initiative” in Education.

In addition, we understand that growing organizations need access to critical data to make decisions so we will be offering an “Open Access” annual subscription that allows organizations to access all the data they need.

“Open Data” solutions will include:

  • Academic Institution (Higher Ed/K12) Profiles (All US)
  • ERP, HRMS, CRM, and LMS/LCMS Solution Providers
  • Financial Management and Library Management Systems
  • Corporate eLearning Organizational Profiles
  • Publisher Content and eTextbook Deployments
  • Online Learning and Continuing Education Programs
  • Mobile Learning Deployments
  • Adaptive Learning Solution Providers
  • MOOC’s and Various MOOC Providers

As part of our Open Data solution initiative industry solution providers, academic Institutions and eLearning organizations alike will be able to manage and maintain their individual profiles. Profiles will be pre-populated to assist in initial data entry, however organizations can override and update the profiles so they are most accurately represented.

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