Creating Personalized and Engaging Learning Experiences.

Learning is our most enduring activity. Throughout our lives, as we go to school, learn to play a musical instrument, master a discipline or enhance our professional skills, we’re all perpetual students. Continuing education and lifelong learning are critical for success in the ‘flat’ world of the 21st century. the Gilfus Education Group, is focused on helping institutions at all levels drive increased levels of learner achievement by creating personalized and engaging learning experiences. We can help you to create and deliver the kind of learning experiences that can bring about meaningful and measurable change improvements in learning outcomes.

Social Learning and Web 2.0

Web 2.0 technologies like blogs, wikis, and social networking platforms have revolutionized the creation and dissemination of information. At the Gilfus Education Group, we’re excited by the prospect of bringing this incredible control over content to the individual learner, as we believe this control increases learner interest, student investment, and educational accountability.

Learning Management Systems

Our highly experienced team can help you to delineate vendor hype from reality and, more importantly, lead you through the process of creating and implementing a plan for improving your learning management systems and services. No other organization can meet our unmatched history in the eLearning space. Our team has expert knowledge on Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, uPortal, and many other widely used technologies. Our services include: evaluation and analytics, implementation and user support, integration and (system) extensions. Over the years our team has built custom applications and extensions to many systems including Blackboard Building Blocks, and Moodle Modules.

  • LMS Evaluations
  • Moodle Consulting
  • Blackboard Consulting
  • Sakai Consulting
  • Uportal Consulting
  • LifeRay Consulting

Community and Portal Systems

Enterprise portal applications can deliver many valuable services to your institution. Chief among these are the ability to provide tailored, role-based communication tools and the ability to provide end-users with single sign-on to multiple academic applications.. While these services can be hugely effective, selecting the right platform to adopt and implementation strategy to employ can be difficult. Our experience in academic portal consulting with hundreds of colleges and universities can guide your decision making from concept to production launch. We know what pitfalls to avoid as well as what the steps to success are. Our Learning 2.0 philosophy uses the collaborative opportunities offered by Web 2.0 technologies, social learning, and mobile learning to offer cutting-edge user centric learning environments accessible on multiple devices, encouraging learner community-building through group participation, and co-creation.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems can help you to reduce content duplication, make content available to multiple systems, and provide workflow and rights management tools. Our consultants can work with you to select and implement the right system for your institution’s needs and to ensure that it is successfully integrated with your key academic systems.


Open source and commercial products.

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