Adaptive Learning: The Next Generation of Learning Online

the Gilfus Education Group can help your organization design, develop and deploy Adaptive Learning capabilities. In addition our team can help your organization select the right partners and technology to enhance your current offering.

Gilfus Education Group Adaptive Learning services provides technology, content and vendor selection services to meet individual or group learning needs with improved learning achievement and efficiency. Adaptive learning uses learning platform, content and analytics technology to identify and provide future targeted learning strategies.

Adaptive learning supports dynamic interactions, feedback and delivery of individualized information and content. The key to successful adaptive learning deployment is finding the multiple sources of personalization intelligence (e.g., learning orientation, academic background, etc.) that tells the system how to adapt appropriately. Accounting for individual learning needs and differentiation has increased in importance as learners transition to online learning and seek more personalized solutions to match their learning needs.

Next-generation learning platform technologies depict the supportive learning role that technology can rightfully play in correcting learning problems that have continually perplexed training markets in the past. Adaptive learning is important because it enables learners to select their modular components to customize their learner-centric learning environments. Secondly, it enables them to offer flexible solutions that dynamically adapt content to fit individual real-time objectives.

More and more sophisticated solutions are becoming available for developing meaningful online learning engagement and relationships. If deployed within an open-market paradigm, intelligent e-learning systems will clearly have a positive impact on the accessibility, affordability, and quality challenges that now confront global education and training.