ERP Selection and Design: Mitigating Risk through Industry Experience

the Gilfus Education Group has an enviable track record of achieving the desired business results for education, government, and commercial customers. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Student Information Systems (SIS) run your core operation, managing all the critical facets of your organization. Educational institutions and companies come to the Gilfus Education Group when they need expert capabilities for successful results.

New Implementations

Our highly experienced team can help you delineate vendor hype from reality and, more importantly, lead a process to create and implement a plan for improved ERP and SIS software.the Gilfus Education Group has created a rapid implementation methodology that allows us to work with our strategic partners to deliver immense value to new customers. We have focused much of our attention on small to mid-sized universities and government agencies and have tailored our delivery model.

Budgeting and Planning

Interest in solutions to support financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting is currently high with a survey showing that the majority of ERP customers currently “live” on their applications plan on investing in this software in the coming years. This is driven by two primary factors: 1) the need to automate existing processes by replacing spreadsheets with enterprise-class data management and collaboration capabilities; and 2) the need to innovate forward-looking financial processes for better management, agility, and control. Gilfus Education Group consultants have experience implementing, budgeting, and forecasting systems for education, government, and utility customers across the country – both as part of new ERP and CRM implementations, as well as stand-alone applications and development initiatives.

Systems Integration

the Gilfus Education Group offers unparalleled experience and expertise in managing highly complex, highly visible enterprise software implementations for clients in the education, public sector, and select commercial customers. Our consultants have worked in lead or direct contributor positions in more than 400 software implementations, including several of the nation’s largest PeopleSoft and Oracle installations to date. As a result, the Gilfus Education Group and the consultants we employ are intimately familiar with all aspects of systems strategy and implementation. Our established methodologies, templates, and project accelerators enable our consultants to provide services better, faster, and more cost-effectively than competitors.

Systems Migrations

As organizations adapt to remain competitive, their products, services, and business processes need the ability to change quickly. IT departments with a multitude of legacy systems are struggling to respond to these business demands, and in addition are facing increasing cost of ownership for these legacy applications. Addressing the challenges of refreshing the corporate application portfolio plays an important role in the management of IT assets for businesses. Having such a strategy is becoming increasingly important in today’s complex IT landscape – executing on that strategy in an efficient manner whilst offering service level improvements is crucial. We assist our clients in defining their migration strategies. A well planned migration strategy can mean the difference between a costly failure and a successful replacement program.

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