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Capture the Full Value of Peoplesoft

Interested in capturing the full value of Peoplesfoft, leveraging the expertise of our consultants is the best way to maximize the success of your implementation. With our Peoplesoft Consulting, you’ll work with certified industry and technology experts who understand your institution’s specific needs. From strategy to implementation to maintenance. On a per project basis or as a full-time member of your team. Our Peoplesoft consultants can help you throughout your full project lifecycle.

Peoplesoft Evaluations

The decision to acquire new technology solution must be thoroughly researched and documented. Our proven techniques, tools, and templates enhance the quality and timeliness of the vendor/software selection process, guiding our clients to a consensus decision based on key business needs and how well the solution satisfies the functional, technical, and service requirements of the organization.

Peoplesoft Planning Services

e-Education Planning Services will help you develop strategies specific to your goals. You’ll work with certified industry and technology experts who understand your institution’s needs and will help you identify critical success factors across your Peoplesoft deployment.

Peoplesoft Business Processes

Inefficient processes are costly, yet too often overlooked as an opportunity to reduce administrative costs, improve services, and increase productivity. The need for business process improvement occurs as organizations change, as services are introduced or modified, or when new technology is deployed. Through cross-functional focus groups, the Gilfus Education Group offers an accelerated approach to assessing and designing business processes that can lead to operational improvements such as the following:

Peoplesoft Implementations

the Gilfus Education Group provides a total implementation solution with a proven approach that is efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. Gilfus Education Group’s experience in performing PeopleSoft Enterprise implementations has led to the development of the most effective tools and approaches for the delivery of all potential implementation service needs. Gilfus Education Group consultants can deliver superior PeopleSoft implementation services which are both efficient and effective in delivering client success. Of utmost importance is Gilfus Education’s ability to understand the client’s needs at the onset of the project and adjust the services accordingly.

PeopleSoft Integration

Our partners established methodologies, templates, and project accelerators enable our consultants to provide services better, faster, and more cost-effectively than competitors. But the key to our clients’ 100% success rates is the quality of our people. Many of our consultants previously worked directly for package vendors such as PeopleSoft Inc. or Oracle Corporation. Because of their experience on product design, quality assurance, upgrade releases, client implementations, and code customizations, we know applications inside and out. This in-house expertise represents an invaluable Knowledge Center on which clients may draw to access the vast experience of our entire consulting base on business analysis and strategy, IT strategy and implementation, and operational efficiency.

Integration and Customization Services

Integrating your Blackboard system with other key campus technologies improves the flow of information and helps manage your costs as your e-Learning deployment grows. Blackboard Consulting offers a wide range of services designed to ensure rapid, successful integration of Blackboard Learn with your student information system, portal, authentication scheme and other applications.


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