Winning Business


“Winning New Business” is part of our “Premier Advisor” membership path and allows us to work together on new opportunities while compensating you for your participation. Winning New Business activities include:

  • Generating new leads and networking relationships
  • Assisting with up-selling into existing Gilfus Education Group accounts
  • Assisting as needed with requests for proposals
  • Independently leading and developing proposals for customers using Gilfus Education Group methodology

How it Works

Gilfus Advisors may introduce Winning Business opportunities to the Gilfus Advisors Network Managers. After learning about the specific opportunity, the Network Manager, in collaboration with senior team members, will discuss and qualify the opportunity. For qualified opportunities, the Network Manager will coordinate a phone meeting between the Gilfus Education Group Principal or Partner assigned to the opportunity and the Gilfus Advisor in order to clarify an understanding of the opportunity and to schedule an introductory call with the prospective client. the Gilfus Education Group Principal or Partner will lead the call with the guidance and support of the Gilfus Advisor. Resulting proposals and client contracts obtained through the Winning Business program are executed through, and at the discretion of, the Gilfus Education Group.

Participation Scale

The Following Scenarios outline the participation scale for “Winning New Business”.

  1. Leads: If participation is simply a lead (referrals) then you are entitled to: 1% of the total contract derived.
  2. Minor Proposal Assistance: If your participation is directly participating in the sales and proposal development process then you are entitled to: 2% of the total contract.
  3. Major Proposal Assistance: If you help Gilfus Education Group win new business by assisting with conference calls, site visits, or request for proposals you are entitled to: 4% of the total contract.
  4. Switch: If you bring a former client of yours to the Gilfus Education Group for a new project or move an existing project under our company you are entitled to: 8% of the total contract.

If you choose to participate in this part of the program, Gilfus Education Group will provide you with a process for tracking leads and opportunities. Final payments on activities for specific wins are based on Gilfus Education Group review and authorization.  All other sales opportunities shall be authorized by the President/CEO of Gilfus Education Group.